Why not write for us?

The blog or weblog exists in the world wide web in order to carry original articles and anecdotes in a reader friendly form to internet users.

Why Blog?

Compared to forums and wiki’s if you are interested in writing up and retaining your experiences, the blog is the more permanent way of achieving this.  If you are like me you’ll probably be alert now to the way the same questions come round and round in a cycle on the forums and you will probably be aware your work can become quite easily trashed on a wiki as other users refine it.  If that’s not for you, the blog offers an editorial format which preserves your original work.

The Clansman Radio User is looking for experienced authors, who can review mods and write about their experience with the Clansman Radio System either as a first user or as the sets become recycled in their second life.

Use the contact form in the panel or subscribe.  We are happy to assist people taking their first steps in blogging.